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NOOTROPICS: A Booming Industry

Nootropics are types of drugs, nutritional supplements as well as other additives and stimulants that improve memory, cognitive function as well as wisdom. For tens of thousands of years, mankind has sought means to increase your brain, and lots of them consider that modern science is really on the cusp of reaching that aim, albeit with many caveats.

The brain, as you may expect, is a metabolically and complex organ that is ravenous. There is a lot happening up there, and head and the body are usually attentive and optimally function as they should when all procedures are snapping. When the brain metabolism is off both body and head endure. Where smart drugs come in, that is. For example, there’s a neurotransmitter in the brain which will be the primary agent in memory creation. Nootropic proponents theorize that if the acetycholine is enhanced by us, memory function can be enhanced by us. The skills to concentrate, to reason, to intend also to avoid acting on impulse are a few of the higher functions of the mind that nootropics target.

It is a mistake to think of smart drugs. More brain matter isn’t created by the drugs, like steroids create muscle. Rather, help it become work more proficiently and their aim will be to concentrate the mind.

To put it differently, drugs that are smart do not make you clever unless you are bright. Steven Rose, emeritus professor of life sciences in the Open University found, “What most of those are really doing is empowering the man who is taking them to concentrate.”

Most prescription smart drugs, such as the stimulant modafinil, a popular smart drug among pupils, were developed for special medical illnesses (in the case of modafinil, narcolepsy, ADHD, as well as other similar cognitive illnesses) and are employed off-label for cognitive improvement. Modafinil drug users reported increased wakefulness, motivation, focus and attention. While these drugs are proven to balance the function of a cognitively impaired brain, until lately, there is no scientific proof that cognitive function enhanced in a healthier brain. Actually, the studies that were small revealed just the reverse, impaired performance. Nevertheless, a current study conducted by Harvard Medical School as well as the University of Oxford appeared to suggest that modafinil did really enhance cognitive abilities that called for complicated jobs (but not memory function or another cognitive abilities).

There have been no major studies demonstrating their effectiveness with this use, although there’s much anecdotal hoopla. Side effects from both drugs could be important, including nausea, sleeplessness, addiction, as well as heart problems.

Bio-Hacking With Nootropics

Not all nootropics are prescription medications, as well as several nutritional supplements are purported to possess cognition-enhancing skills. Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof Exec, is a leading supporter of the industry as a means to “hack” human biology. His aim continues to be to get the best mix of nutritional supplements to aid his body, and his brain in reaching its full potential. He boasts to have raised his IQ by 20 points, and told CNN, “It feels virtually seamless, like I only got promoted….That Is a present.”

What Does Piracetam Do?

Perhaps the most used nonprescription nootropic. Developed in the 1960s in Belgium, the nutritional supplement has a history that is comparatively long, and therefore, is considered safe, non-hazardous and non addictive. Piracetam is considered to increase the function of acetylcholine in the mind, the neurotransmitter associated with memory formation. Its popularity may be credited to its purported light but noticeable cognitive improvement and comparative low cost, in addition to its obvious security. Its side effects, if experienced in any way, are not maximal, including stomach upset and potential light headache.

Is Adrafinil Effective?

Adrafinil is just another popular nonprescription drug that is smart. The liver converts adrafinil into modafinil when taken. Because it may cause an elevation in liver enzymes, and must be taken in larger doses, adrafinil can’t be taken continuously. A sharper, more attentive head has been reported by users and increased motivation.

Creatine to Improve Brain Function

Lately, creatine continues to be eyed as a powerful drug that was smart. Typically used to assist athletes build muscle, some small scale studies demonstrate creatine might be useful in improving memory, cognitive processing, as well as enriching IQ.


The amino acid is common in green tea, and continues to be recognized by the FDA as safe.


Noopept is a compound that was initially found by Russian researchers. Users reported Noopept raised their logical thinking and memory, cognition, together with their focus.

Research Before You Try

If there’s one thing to tell those who are curious to try nootropics, or “smart drugs” it’s this:


Irresponsible use of these supplements is most likely prevalent, as with any supplement. It’s important to read up on ANYTHING before putting it into your body.